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“Waterford Pointe is one of the best 
  run Homeowners Associations that 
   we currently manage.”

 … Rex Bowman - Community Management Professionals

We want to thank Bill Kribs for developing this great community.  We also want to thank him for turning it over to us in such great condition.  His vision and his management skills can never be equaled but it is the goal of the Board of Directors to come as close as possible.

2008-2009 Accomplishments:

Here are the projects that were completed in the 2008-2009 session:

  • A new contract was signed for common area fertilization and irrigation at less expense than the previous year;

  • Magnolia trees were planted in the common areas or Roberts Point cul-de-sac;

  • A defibrillator was installed at the clubhouse and the guards were trained as to it's use along with CPR training;

  • New landscaping and additional lighting was was installed at the entrance;

  • Repairs and upgrades were made to the community clubhouse;

  • Upgrades to the security system at the entrance now provide for a camera that will attempt to record tag numbers of tailgaters;

  • The Municipal Service Benefit Unit that Mark Novokowsky and Bill Kribs worked so tirelessly on was proposed and approved.

2007-2008 Accomplishments:

Here are just a few of the projects that were completed in the 2007-2008 session:

  • 24-Hour Security was added

  • Radar Speed Indicators were installed 

  • A major new planting took place at the Front Entrance

  • Planting between Bronson Landing and Waterford Pointe was completed

  • Numerous sidewalks were replaced throughout the community

  • Our Boat Ramp Replaced

  • The Directory was updated

  • All of our roads were re-paved 

  • The waterfordpointe.net web site was updated

  • When it was time to renew our street light contract, we managed to replace all of the poles and fixtures at well below market price, just by extending our lease.

Projects currently in process or under review:

  • Club House:
    At the last annual meeting a vote was taken to see if there was enough interest in renovating the Club House, to establish a committee.  There was a committee was formed.  Input was gathered from the residents, an architectural firm and several General Contractors as to the best use of the building.

    A questionnaire and a rendering was sent to the general membership and it became clear that the community did not want to spend any money on this - at least until the overall economic picture improved.  The project was put on hold indefinitely.

    The future of the clubhouse is, and always has been, in the hands of the residents.  Each year, it would be a good idea to re-evaluate the cost versus the benefits.  We want to make sure that this asset benefits the greatest amount of people possible.  For this reason, we continue to seek input from everyone.  And just as before, we will continue to honor the wishes of the majority.  Thank you all for your valuable input on this.

    Decorative Intersections for Esthetics and Safety:

    We are currently getting cost estimates as well as a list of state requirements and county requirements for pavers at various intersections within the community.  These pavers will be designed to not only add esthetic value but also to slow down the traffic.

    Thank you for your continued confidence …

    Your Board of Directors

    Barry Radolan, Gene Goodmaster, Jack White, Gregg Godlewski and Mel Wright 


2006-2007 Accomplishments:

  • During the 2006-2007 session, we have improved our guard's effectiveness by supplying a new electric security vehicle.  This vehicle will enable the guard to instantly deal with tail-gaiters that would normally just drive by.  The guard will also use this vehicle to make his or her rounds. This electric cart will be positioned at the Guard House.

  • New flooring was also installed in the guard house in July of 2007.

    Most recently, two new awnings were installed at the Guard House to shade the area that the guards position themselves.
  • To protect our investment, the unit is secured on the back side.  There are also some other security measures - just in case a mischievous person were to try to cut the locks off.

2005-2006 Accomplishments:

  • During the 2005-2006 session, we were able to repave the streets in the reserve, most effected by the hurricanes;

  • New street signs  were installed;

    The sign that identifies Waterford Pointe was replaced using a gold lettering against a  black background;

    New "WP" medallions were installed on both the "In" and the "Out" gates; 

  • We installed a new, multi-camera recording security system at our main entrance;

  • Numerous landscaping improvements were made;

  • A new Social Committee was established and has proved to be a great success.

  • Several other projects are being considered, so please check back often.