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Architectural Review Committee

Membership consists of:

Dick Smith (Chairman)

Jeanenne Darden (Member)

Lisa Goodmaster (Member)

Plans for building, remodeling, re-landscaping, or repainting must be submitted prior to commencing any project.  The committee will make every attempt to review your plans in a timely manner.  This is usually less than 30 days if you have all of the necessary paperwork needed for the ARC to make a decision.

All changes to the exterior of your home requires ARC approval.

Click HERE for an ARC Application.


Here's a tip for hiding your satellite dish:  

Usually, satellite dish antennae are not available in colors.  Therefore, subscribers may want to paint their satellite dish to match the color of their house for the purpose of hiding it.  If installed in the yard, the dish antenna can be colored to blend in with the surrounding plants. The objective here is to camouflage the dish so it does not stand out, which may affect the general look of a community.  You may take the following steps to paint your satellite dish TV antenna without hampering signal reception.

Step 1

Identify the color in which the satellite dish needs to be painted. Look for a high quality outdoor paint that does not peel. Request that the home improvement store salesperson recommend a quality paint.

Step 2

Buy non-glossy paint with a dull finish. Always go for non-glossy paints. Glossy, semi-glossy and metallic paints make the dish antenna extremely shiny, thereby increasing reflection of the signal to the LNB. This causes signal loss and will disrupt satellite TV reception.

Step 3

Paint the dish, taking precautions to protect the LNB from getting any paint on it.

Below, is an example of how one might hide an otherwise unsightly dish: